Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First 2 Cards towards my 50!

So I have two friends who have had their whole worlds turned upside down in the past year.  Both of these women I "met" while pregnant with our first children. We bonded over the internet and watched our children grow over the first year.

The first lost her son last July at 9 months old. I had originally created a card and mailed it off to a central location for all of the cards and gifts to be put together to be given to her on July 20th(the one year anniversary of sweet Averie's passing).  Unfortunately, that never made it to her, so I created another to be sent directly to her!

The second card of the night was made for a mom and daughter.  This past week, the daughter(20 months old) was diagnosed with leukemia.  She underwent surgery that day and is now receiving chemotherapy. The doctors are hopeful at the moment! So please pray for a full recover for little Olivia!


  1. Great cards and a great start on your countdown!!

  2. Beautiful work! What a way to kick off using up your stash!