Sunday, July 31, 2011

Challenge #11-17....I am a truckin'

Movin' right along! I am trucking! I really want that heat gun(my hair dryer is getting old fast!). I only really scrap on weekends, so I try to get as many done as I can.  I am not one to sit and linger on layout after layout.

#11-14 are the next set of cards for my wonderful mommy friends that gave Kevin and I the ticket to see the Foo in November.  I still cannot believe they did that! Their generosity is absolutely amazing!

#15 is because my dear friend Charissa told me I had to do the Scrapbook Steals Card Swap for August! You make 10 cards and send them into SS.  They in turn take all the cards and give each person a card from each participant! Pretty cool idea if you ask me! Can't wait to see what everyone creates! My first card is a congrats on a new baby card! 

#16 is another baby card.  Our friends, Mikey and Leslie, just found out they are expecting a little boy soon! I was in the mood to make another baby card so I made this for the arrival of Aiden Christopher! 

#17 is a card for a friend.  She didn't have time to make one for Rachel and Olivia.  The inside says "Wishing you lots of sunshine and smiles! Feel better real soon."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

#7-10 in the challenge

I have been totally in the groove with scrapping today! I am up to 10 layouts! 20% of the way there! I am SOOOOO excited! I am finding that I really need a Happy Birthday stamp set, but there is that pesky spending freeze.

Layout 7 I have been working on for a long while. We went to Florida for Easter and it was the first time friends of my parents from back in Ohio got to meet Ty and we got meet their granddaughter, Maddie! Here is the layout!

#8: A thank you card for a wonderful scrappy friend! She is an amazing woman who I am so grateful to have "met."

#9: A Back to School card for my nephews! They love anything skulls so figured they needed something for the first day back! 

#10: This next card is a thank you card for one of the amazing women in my mommy's group. They all went in together and bought Kevin and I tickets to see our favorite band, The Foo Fighters.  I still cannot believe they did that!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

#5 & 6: Mid-week Mojo Topaz 1 & a Birthday card

So for the last 53 weeks, I have been tuning into Scrapbook Steals on Wednesday for the Midweek Mojo.  This week was no exception! AMAZING! Kristy Lee really knows what she is doing in the sketch department!

This week I didn't sway far from the sketch and even took Kristy's journaling but changed the words to fit Ty.  Here it is: My chunky, smart, adorable, polite little man!

This is Fancy Pants Happy Together for paper and buttons. Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type in neutrals and then Thickers in Nutmeg.

So my mother in law's birthday is next week.  Figured I should probably get a card mailed out.  Since I have found a new addiction in stamping and cardmaking, figured I would make her one! It is based off the Britta tute I watched a week ago and looks an awful lot like the thinking of you card I made for Rachel...which brings me to my next conclusion...I need to either A. Win the Lotto or B. figure out how to get to 50 layouts FAST! This mama needs a new and different flower stamp and some other(or all) distress inks. But here we 6th layout in the fight to 50! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#3 & #4 towards the Challenge!

So it is Day 2 of the Challenge and I am on my third layout/card! I have decided that when I get through my 50, I am going to buy a heat gun, some Versamark ink, and some embossing powder(and maybe a background stamp...if I can swing that from Kevin. lol).  I think I have been watching too many Britta tutorials! 

But back to my card.  I seem to be doing a lot of Thinking of You cards! This next one is for a friend who I have gotten to know in the past few months.  We were both pregnant with our child in Nov 09 and were on the same forum.  Then she had another child in January 11.  He has been very sick and has spent the last month in the hospital.  They have not been able to figure out what is causing all the problems. So once again, if you are reading this, can you please say a prayer! <3

Here it is:

Alright and onto #4. I did a MWM(Midweek Mojo for you newbs...and I mean newb in the most loving way) back in January by an awesome guest sketcher named Jana.  I loved this sketch SOOO much that I swore I would use it again someday! Well, I finally did...just on a different scale...AKA a card! I even used the same paper as my MWM...because I made sure I saved the scraps for the purpose of someday making a card! Just didn't think I would scraplift the sketch! So without further Adieu.   

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First 2 Cards towards my 50!

So I have two friends who have had their whole worlds turned upside down in the past year.  Both of these women I "met" while pregnant with our first children. We bonded over the internet and watched our children grow over the first year.

The first lost her son last July at 9 months old. I had originally created a card and mailed it off to a central location for all of the cards and gifts to be put together to be given to her on July 20th(the one year anniversary of sweet Averie's passing).  Unfortunately, that never made it to her, so I created another to be sent directly to her!

The second card of the night was made for a mom and daughter.  This past week, the daughter(20 months old) was diagnosed with leukemia.  She underwent surgery that day and is now receiving chemotherapy. The doctors are hopeful at the moment! So please pray for a full recover for little Olivia!

50 Cards or Layout Challenges

So we all know I love to shop. I also love to spend money. My scrap closet is overflowing with things, but I always want the newest and greatest things! With that mentality, I have WAY too much stuff. So one of my scrappy friends posted a blog of a challenge that one lady started because of the Minnesota government lockout and it is an amazing idea!

So here it is:

The "new" challenge: I am putting myself on a spending freeze of any paper unless ok'ed by Kevin!(Edited mid September).

I spent my last bit of scrap budget on some Ranger Distress Inks, some card size kraft paper, and a new Hero Art stamp. So put a fork in me and call me DONE(for a while anyways).

Y'all need to hold me accountable because as I mentioned above...I LOVE TO SHOP!

I am going to keep a running total on my blog and hopefully start posting the cards and layouts! :)

There is only one rule to the challenge...I am allowed to buy adhesive...but only with a coupon for 40-50% off!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mojo 41-50

41. A Day at the Zoo:
42. Cherish:
43. Mouse Trap:
44. Sonrise Service:
45. Budding Friendship:
46. Hand in Hand:
47. Happy Beach Bum:
48. Papa's Love:
49. Mikey and Leslie's Wedding:
50. Brothers by Another Mother:

Mojo 31-40

31. Waiting By the Beach:
32. First Haircut:
33. St Aug Beach:!/photo.php?fbid=615092972082&set=o.84993746786&theater
34. We Adore You:
35. A Dream is a Wish:
36.  On the Road:
37.  WTE Zoo Trip:
38. Playful Pals:
39. Where the Magic Happens:
40. Magic Kingdom:

Mojo 21-30

21. Halloween party:
22A. Ahoy Matey:
22B. A House Divided:
23. Ornaments:
24. Santa, You Do Exist:
25. Presents:
26. Things that Go Vroom:
27. Puppy Love:
28. Beach:
 29. Holy Guacamole:
30. Spring Has Sprung:

Mojos 1-20

1. Little Bear:
2. Six Months:
3. I Hate Grass:
4. This is Love:
5. Cute as a Button:
6. On Top of Spaghetti:
7. Gaga and Uncle Keith’s Visit:
8. First Tooth:
9. Ramble On:
10. Fluffy Butt:
11. My Men:
12. Cuddletime:
13. Cincy:
14. Seven Months:
15. Ten Months:
16. Afterparty:
17. Be Very Very Quiet, I’m Hunting Kitty:
18. Where’d Ty Go…There He Is…:
19. First Halloween:
20. Pumpkin Patch: