Thursday, August 4, 2011

In a moment of weakness...

Well I had a moment of weakness...I bought stamps at Michaels today.  I went in for colored pencils...but I have really fallen in love with the tutorials from Britta Sidwerski.  They were Prismacolors and on sale for 70% off! Amazing Deal.  I have done REALLY well keeping my spending down, so I figured I could swing in and get those and get out. WRONG!

I looked at the clearance wall. The one side had some cute scrapbook stuff that I was able to pass up. I walked around the corner and BAM, there was an entire wall of Hero Arts stamps! They were 75% off! I bought some.

So I am starting my count over again! I will get to the 50. From now on, I am sending Kevin into Michaels to pick up my adhesive!

I have decided that this moment of weakness was ok! It was for things I will use over and over again, so it doesn't mean I had to start all over!

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